A Serendipity Book

It's finally happening - the first book about Serendipity is going to be published by OpenSourcePress: Serendipity - Individuelle Weblogs für Einsteiger und Profis.

As you can gather by the title of the book, it's going to be in german and will be written by yours truly, Garvin Hicking. I will put a huge effort into getting this book translated to english quickly, though.

The book is scheduled for the beginning of 2008 and will cover hopefully every aspect of Serendipity, both for newbies and developers. I'm very excited to be able to write this book and will keep you posted about the progress.


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Neut am um :

Great Job Garv, but yes bring out that an English version as well! From the forum we can see clearly that there seems to be a demand for German info, but always I have the feeling that I'm missing a lot of useful info because a lot of them are 'hidden' for me in the German forum.

Fabien Chabreuil am um :

Kudos Garvin. Serendipity deserves to be better known and more used. I am sure a book will really help… … and I am sure it will help me to discover a lot of functions I don't use or I misuse.

So I also wait impetuously for the English version.

Matthias am um :

Great news, Garvin, and great choice of publisher, too!

Don Chambers am um :

Cannot wait to see the English version!! So, where will your first official booksigning be? :)

ReinhardL am um :

Hallo Garvin, wie wäre es mit einem Auszug aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis? Dürften wohl alle mächtig neugierig darauf sein ...

Gruess Reinhard

KlausM am um :

Hallo Garvin,

wenn Du mnöchtest, können wir gerne auf 1on.de Werbung für Dein Buch machen, sobald es erschienen ist. Einfach melden...

Viel Erfolg Klaus

Frank am um :

Auch von mir alles Gute und viel Erfolg. Ich hoffe, dass dein Spass mit dem OSP-Team auch so groß ist, wie ich ihn erlebt haben.

Toby am um :

Cool stuff, Super-Garv! :)

Hope I will receive a review example! ;)

Congratulations! Toby

supertim am um :

I', really looking forward to read the book. Maybe it is easier then to recommend serendipity to others :-)

Billigflug am um :

I finished the book yesterday, it´s just awesome, I highly recommend it!! It´s great!

M. J. andre am um :

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWBIE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know how to create a welcome page with the latest serendipity.

The forum is guarded like the white house and I do not have time to send fax, I need the info for tomorrow. Can you help me please? M.J

Garvin am um :

That fully depends on what you mean a welcome page is. Simply install serendipity and create a new blog entry called "Welcome" and write your text?

The Forum only requires you to fax if you are under 13 years old, you know that?

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