Serendipity 1.2 released

The Serendipity Team is proud to present the final release and immediate availability of Serendipity 1.2.

This release is a feature consolidation release and focuses on small usability improvements, a shiny new template (bulletproof) as well as backend templating and backend login mechanisms as well as some tighter security restrictions.

Some more changes in depth are:

  • Templates: The new bulletproof template is an awesome example to show off Serendipity's cool template options. This template allows you to easily configure the look of your Serendipity site: Place navigation links, choose sidebar layouts, indicate if you want to use/show trackbacks and comments, pick your custom header image or even custom colorsets. Don Chambers, Matthias Mees and David Cummins as well as other contributors have worked very hard on this template that provides an awesome, unified template structure. Go to their site at to check out the details!
  • Templates: The admin backend (overview page and entry editor) can now be styled via Smarty and gives you the full flexibility to make a custom look of the backend. Plus, more CSS classes have been added to the default admin theme that make CSS-only changes much easier. Templates now also can have large preview images by clicking on their thumbnail.
  • Usability: Moved the problematic option to withdraw your own privileges from personal configuration to the user configuration panel.
  • Feature: Added SQLite3 and PDO:PostgreSQL support.
  • Feature: Allow to configure whether article overviews for a certain category should include articles of subcategories or not.
  • Performance: Improved SQL performance for archive overview generation and permalink lookups.
  • Plugins: Plugins can now hook in much earlier to make external authentication easier (like trough the OpenID plugin).
  • Spam: Enhanced the spamblock plugin with captcha previews, .htaccess generation and some more options.
  • Security: Stronger autologin cookie encryption and template option handling, thanks (once again) to Stefan Esser. Proper session fixation prevention, thanks to David Vieira-Kurz.
  • Bugfix: Sending pingbacks now properly works.
  • Bugfix: The Track-Exits plugin now properly tracks links in conjunction with the caching of the entryproperties plugin.

The full list of changes can be found in the NEWS-file of the release.

You can download the new release as always on the Serendipity homepage at Updating is easy: Just upload the new files, visit your Serendipity installation and let the upgrader do the rest.

After the upgrade you might want to purge your browser's cookies (due to the new authentication mechanism of Serendipity 1.2) to prevent login problems. Detailed upgrade instructions can be found in the FAQ on our website.

Enjoy Serendipity, and thanks to everyone who participated in the release process!

For the team,


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YellowLed am um :

Being actively involved in this via Bulletproof, I have to say I'm glad it's finally out. Phew :-) Haven't even found the time to check out the exciting new and improved features, but I'm sure you coder guys have once again done an awesome job :-)

alp am um :

Wow. Thanks to everybody involved. This update and Bulletproof is really well done!

Scott am um :

Update went without a hitch (as usual)

Thanks - Serendipity Rocks!!


Commander1024 am um :

Upgrade was easy as always. I like the new Bulletproof-Theme, which is now - slightly modified - my new default one.

But, sending Trackback-Pings to this Article doesn't work (or is being moderated, although there is a well formed link to this article in the actual entry on my site)

Andreas am um :

No problems with the update but somhow my trackback doesn´t show up here. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

Garvin am um :

Just an info: Trackbacks are turned off on because of large spam waves. You'll get a success message, but trackbacks here are rejected. Sorry for that.

Manny am um :

Hi! As always, a great release. BulletProof seems awesome. Spcially the admin interface.

Garvin, is there any way I can keep my front end template and use bulletproof for the admin section of my serendipity blog?

Thanks a million for you great efforts Serendipity team!

Manuel Charisius am um :

Works like a charm! Thank you so much, guys, and keep up the great work! :)

Steffi am um :

Serendipity is really my favourite blog software - i love it! Update worked like a charm - keep on the good work!

Mandrake am um :

The upgrade was clean, tho I was doing it from 0.9.1 to 1.2, but I had to do some work with outdated plugins I was using; I'm looking forward to find out the new features in the template engine.

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