Serendipity 1.2.1 released

Serendipity 1.2 has been well received by the community, there were only very few minor bugreports. Those have been addressed in the Serendipity 1.2.1 maintenance release, available now.

The new Serendipity version also includes some new Bulletproof Theme options (user-customized stylesheets) and addresses some very minor browser quirks. If you're using Bulletproof, it is suggested you perform the update.

Also this new version addresses a security issue in the Remote RSS sidebar plugin (reported by Hanno Böck), which did not properly treat links coming from an RSS feed, which could lead to possible XSS attack vectors, if you are showing foreign feeds that might distribute malicious content to you. If you're using this plugin with an unsafe RSS feed, you should upgrade Serendipity.

Serendipity 1.2.1 features a new WPXRSS importer and can import the new WordPress 2.3 database structure All bug fixes have also been applied to our current 1.3-release tree. This release currently features some new Smarty-Templating convenience features, a remote spartacus version information interface, full pingback support, a LifeType blog importer and support of SQLRelay.

Upgrading Serendipity is very easy, have a look at the FAQ. The new version is available on the Serendipity download page.

Enjoy Serendipity and have a nice Christmas time!


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CoSTa am um :

Greetz! So Garvin, it's about time to update some translations and to work a little bit for the community, huh? Thanks for the new version and thanks for the motivation! It's a high time to do something for my beloved Serendipity :)

krist am um :

Sourceforge download is not working for me, the link's being redirected indefinitely no matter which mirror I choose. Tried yesterday and today. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Are there any backup download sites?

Jason Frisvold am um :


For what it's worth, I'm also seeing this when trying to download via wget or firefox using the direct link from the sourceforge page..

I also tried your link from above, as well as navigating through the site itself.. I tried downloading all six files, none of them worked..

I did try getting files from another project and they downloaded correctly.. I also tried previous s9y releases which also worked.

So, to sum it all up, it appears that there is a problem downloading the 1.2.1 release via sourceforge, at least for some people..

Garvin am um :


maybe you could contact the SourceForge technical support staff? I can't reproduce the issue here, so maybe you can together with them?

krist am um :

I have filed a bug report at the SF tracker

krist am um :

SF staff claims to have have fixed the issue. The affected files are propagating across the mirrors right now, so everything should be back to normal in a few hours.

Manuel am um :

The download from worked fine for me today! :) Thanks, krist, for filing the bug report.

Manuel am um :

I can't download the release either. It says "Connecting to" in by browser's status bar for a long time, then I get either a timeout or a 404 (File Not Found) error. Tried with every single mirror - no luck. :(

Pit am um :

The DL also did not work for me. You can grab the release here:

krist am um :

Thanks! I don't want to appear ungrateful... but Garvin, could you please post the md5 hashes of the release archives preferably inside your article to appease my paranoia?

Garvin am um :

Sure, MD5 hashes have been added to the download page on Good idea, sorry for forgetting this.

Naturkost am um :

Thanks a lot for the new release! Works fine (as usual), and updating was hassle-free (as usual, too). :-)

macdet am um :

ok! I will try it!

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