Serendipity 1.5.1, bugfix release

It's been a long time, and the Serendipity Team is proud to present the Serendipity 1.5.1 release...

...All bad things come in triplets, except this one, which came in a duplet: First the uploaded release file contained the current development version, the second issue was found due to just 3 mixed up characters, which prevents any plugin that has a HTML/WYSIWYG-Config-item (like the HTML Nugget plugin) to be properly displayed.

The fix is quite easy: include/ The cause for this problem was introduced only a few days earlier and sadly slipped by unnoticed. We're awfully sorry for the trouble this may cause you.

Due to this version mixup earlier and this annoying bug, Serendipity 1.5.1 (Codename Colin AKA If everybody else is doing it, why can't we; but well, it could be worse) has been released.

If you're lazy and already upgraded to 1.5, you will only need to download and replace the file found here: include/

Now have a merry christmas, and let's hope that our best friend Murphy has no surprises left for us freezing germans.


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Mike Johnston am um :

Is it safe to upgrade existing sites? Have plugins been confirmed working?

Garvin am um :

We had an intensive beta period, and all reported issues were fixed. If our strain of luck weren't so tainted today, I'd say it all works to 100%...but I'll better drop this to 99,99% ;)

No, seriously: There were few changes to the Plugin API, so the chance that any plugins broke is very little. And if there were any issues left, we'll be quick to fix them, I promise.

deminy am um :

Great job! Thanks for your hard work~ I will give it a try tonight :D

mo-cacher am um :

Eben noch eine Datei hinterherschieben - wenns sonst nix ist! Wünsche frohes Fest und das übliche ;-)

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