Serendipity 1.6 released

The Serendipity Team is proud to present the final release of Serendipity 1.6. We are steadily walking towards a Serendipity 2.0 release and would be happy about any developer who may want to join our cause. The list of things is available on and open for discussion on the Serendipity Forums.

This new version mainly covers:

  • Bundle jQuery by default to enable plugin and template authors to easier provide extended functionality to the frontend
  • Support for templates, so that they can also use config-groups like plugins already have (added to bulletproof template)
  • Templates can now enable core-provided options like a global navigation setup
  • Fixed a bug in the automatic media database synchronization that did not properly add new files with the same basename but different file extensions
  • Added a .htaccess parameter to prevent IE9 CSS-trouble
  • API changes: Added "shortcuts" to commonly used constructs (language loading, hack protection)
  • Several minor feature additions in plugins (Karma, Akismet, Mailer) and the core (comment subscriptions, multiple comment moderation)
  • Fulltextsearch improvements with "*" expansion
  • Added a "hidden" option for specific author groups, so that their members are not revealed on usual author listings by plugins etc.
  • Fixes a backend XSS issue in the karma plugin and media database filtering, thanks to Stefan Schurtz!

The current release can be easily installed on any previous Serendipity installation. Just unpack, upload and visit your admin panel to perform possible database upgrades. Upon first login with an old password, Serendipity will store your old password in the new format - please be sure to make a backup of your Database prior to upgrading, and read the upgrade pointers on Upgrading Serendipity.

Also, this release marks our move from the closing BerliOS service (thanks for the great service during those years) on to our new GitHub repository. Contributions are welcome of course!

Have fun using Serendipity, and let us know on the Forums if you have any issues!


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Gerd am um :

Thanks a lot! Update worked perfect!

Thomas Trueten am um :

Läuft wie 'ne 1. Super, vielen Dank für die Arbeit!

Grüße, Thomas

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