Staticpages to support different templates

I have committed a patch to the staticpage plugin. In it's latest version 2.5, the plugin now supports to enter different smarty templates file for a specific static page.

This allows you to differently format certain static pages by altering their surrounding HTML structure. You can use any Smarty templating means available in those *.tpl files and you now no longer need to edit the PHP code if you want to make layout changes.

I hope some of you might find this feature interesting when using Serendipity for some CMS-like tasks.


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Frenke am um :

I'm trying to insert special Char... I'm italian and I need à, è, é, ì, ù, ò, ', ?, $, \, \, /, //,

when I save i see only ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Thanks Francesco

Jonny am um :

It's because your browser doesn't support those characters.

:-) :)


Tim Putnam am um :

Sounds like an excellent feature to me. Is it just a string in the database to set the template?

Garvin am um :

Yes, it's just the "filename" column of a staticpage entry. Pretty easy. :)

Mandrake am um :

Very nice!!! I was in fact asking for it.

muku am um :

hi where can i get the plugin and how do i install it? thx for help

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