Serendipity 0.9.1 maintenance release

The Serendipity Team is proud to announce the first maintenance release for Serendipity, version 0.9.1.

This release mainly addresses a few minor bugs of the 0.9 version.

The most important fix is found in the Spartacus Plugin, which didn't allow updating Plugins correctly over the web. Also an important fix is making the media upload form work in MacOS Safari again. As a feature cereal, we can now gladly offer half-automatted import!

Other fixes/features include:

  • New Feature: Added importer by Jawish Hameed
  • Fix configuration for non-admins to not properly store values like blog Title (important for hosted multi-user setups)
  • Fix RSS import's timezone detection for ISO-8601 dates
  • Fix htmlarea when using UTF-8 charset on a ISO-8859-1 language
  • Fix spartacus plugin to not properly indicate updatable versions of plugins
  • Fix multi-media upload in Safari browser
  • Fix mod_rewrite rules to not differentiate on case-sensitivity for authors, archives and category URLs
  • Fix a bug in the serendipity_currentURL function when Serendipity is installed in your HTTP root. This bug only effects the plugins karma, entrysplit and multilingual on these installations.
  • Fix showing preview image of hotlinked images.
  • Fix visitor tracking in statistics plugin
  • Fix incorrect entry count in categories sidebar plugin (was also counting drafts)
  • Fix correct reply-to name when sending comment mails
  • Fix renaming authors and categories to also properly update permalinks that have no %id% column

An update is recommended, but only required if you are affected by one of the bugs above.

The Serendipity Team is already working on the 1.0 release version of Serendipity, since the current maturity of the 0.9 version is reported to be quite well. Current nightlies contain a few more fixes for current code, which are non-critical and have to be QA-tested before releasing them. A major new feature of the upcoming 1.0 version are customizable RSS/ATOM/Whatever-Feeds through the Smarty Templating facility.

Download the release here, and upgrade as mentioned in our FAQ!


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Zoran Kovacevic am um :

Good work guys!

Zoran Kovacevic am um :

Do you suppose an automated upgrader can be included with s9y? Or would that be too risky?

garvin am um :

This would require world-writable permissions on the s9y folder, or it would need to store FTP access credentials in a readable PHP file.

Both I think are quite serious security implications, which I wouldn't want to support.

The way to go is to use PEAR for upgrading s9y easily. Tobias Schlitt seems to be working on this. :-)

Paul Buehler am um :

Hi Gents, I'm trying to get s9 up. I've got the latest version. Can't seem to get past the install. I've got all the perms set right. After the "simple install" page is submitted it stalls. This is from my apache error log. I'm out of ideas, any help would be appreciated.


[Sun Nov 27 20:06:32 2005] [error] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare serendipitydbupdate() (previously declared in /www/buehlers/docs/include/db/ in ./include/db/ on line 9

garvin am um :

Please use the forum for support questions. It seems your error is coming from a bad PHP install. More on the forums.

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