Serendipity Debian Package

Jay took some time to create a Serendipity Debian Release Package! Go and try it out. :-)

Thanks a lot, Jay! We are also still on the lookout for volunteers helping us create a PEAR channel and PEAR packages. *g*


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Henk van de Goor on at :

Ok, great idea: I am trying to go from Windows to Ubuntu (it uses .deb as well). However with a .deb you can't control the directories where it installs and other stuff.

The real way to go would be a good install script.

Having said that: still kudos for the guy and his attempt!

Greg Beaver on at :

I am certainly your guy for setting up a PEAR channel for obvious reasons :). I am also working on designing a sample minimal PEAR client that can be used as a Spartacus-like "plugin" for apps such as Serendipity, stay tuned.

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