Serendipity 1.1 released!

The Serendipity Team is proud to release the Serendipity Weblog version 1.1 to the public.

This new version is aimed for feature enhancement and stability consolidation. The most important change is the overhaul of the media database, which vastly enhances the already obvious superiority of Serendipity's Media management. In depth this means that you can now store and customize meta properties easily - store descriptions, EXIF-Tags and keywords which you can later see and search in your database. You can also now assign detailed privileges for each directory of the media database, and the output is now completely templated. Yes, that means you can customize and style your very own media database, both effective in the backend and the frontend.

The other important change is more granular plugin permission management. You can enable/disable certain markup-plugins on a per-entry basis, and allow/forbid specific usergroups to access certain plugins.

Another visual apparent change is the overhaul of the plugin manager. You can now drag'n'drop order and move your plugins around. Together with the ability of templates to specific the amount and names of sidebars, you have virtually unlimited flexibility for plugin management!

Templating has also intensively been upgraded in the respect of themes being able to specify custom "options". A theme could allow you to choose navigation links, colorsets and much more. Explore the possibilites! Many themes by Carl Galloway and other great designers from our forums have already used that feature to provide you with many cool options!

For the developers among us, it might be of interest to note that Serendipity now also supports easy custom template-engine support. Tired of Smarty? You can also use a plain old PHP template emulation or even a XSLT-transformation layer (read more on this topic here).

Of course we have not only focussed on injecting features, but also fixed some minor bugs, a huge-impact central SQL query optimization and glitches and smaller improvements. In total we have 29 feature improvements, 24 bugfixes and 21 usability/technical improvements. For intense reports on this either read our NEWS-file or past 1.1-beta announcements here and there.

Upgrading is easy as always: Download, unpack, go to your Admin panel, done. Read more here: Serendipity FAQ. The download is available here: Serendipity Download Page.

We hope you'll have fun with this new release and continue to make Serendipity an ever-improving system. Let's have a great 2007!


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Davy am um :

I'm going to upgrade tomorrow!

Rik am um :

Upgraded (went like a charm)! And now it's time tos sleep. Thanks S9y dev-team!

Carl am um :

Great news! Can't wait till all our users have updated to this new version.

taz am um :

thx 2 the team for the new version of my favorite blogsoftware !

the only thing missing is to easily use one codebase for several blogs on the same shared webspace

Garvin am um :

Hey taz!

Did you look into the "Shared installation" mode, that is available since Serendipity 0.5? :-)

Regards, Garvin

taz am um :

a post from the master himself - wow :).

yes, i took a look at this mode, but as I only have a "normal" webhosting package at I have no possibility to edit the virtual hosts file.

I once had a virtual server, but it is hard work as a newbie to have a server running, so I went back to the safe harbour of a usual webhoster.

my idea: simply have an option in the installer where you tell the folder of the codebase. when the next update comes I just have to upload the files once and I can update all blogs.

Garvin am um :

Hi taz!

You should have a look at the s9y forums and search for "shared installation". There are many tips how to use shared installation without the VHost approach. :-)

HTH, Garvin

Pete am um :

Dear Garvin,

your new version is great. But I'd like to mention a very ugly bug, that you must have overseen.

Everything went good, but when I installed the PlugIN "Extended properties for entries", the whole page was gone. And I had to reinstall everything from scratch. That included dropping all tables with phpmyadmin.

I don't know, if you've been informed about that bug, but in the case you haven't, I'd like to inform you with this note. This bug appears in my configuration, that needn't to mean, it'll appear in everybody's blog. But before something goes wrong, it's better to report this one to the developer team. You all have done a great job with the 1.1 release. Great! And thank you all!



Garvin am um :

Hi Pete!

Please come to the forums so that we can discuss this bug there. There is no need to do a reinstallation like you outlined usually. I'm sure something must have been wrong with the uploaded files, or maybe it is/was because of PHP/MySQL versions. However this is not a general bug, on few dozen installations I know of this does not happen. I'm sure with some work we will be able to see what went wrong in your instance. :-)

Thanks for your report, Garvin

Pete am um :

Dear Garvin,

I found out, that this dawn plugin was the reason for everything. Now everything seems to run ok. But there's one last bug, I'd like to mention. I use the Spartacus Plugin to install plugins and themes. The Plugins work perfectly, but the themes don't work. It doesn't matter, which template from your site I try to install. Every template only displays the front page, but no header and sidebar graphics. What do I do wrong?

Thanks your the support


Garvin am um :


again - please use the forums for these kind of questions. There you will happily be helped.

Regards, Garvin

Pete am um :

I already signed up for a user's account in the forum. sorry for the inconvinience.

Christian am um :

Thx for releaseing this new version. I'm very happy with my serendipity blog and lookin forward to upgrade it to 1.1 :)

best regards and a happy new year!

gounthar am um :

Thanks for the upgrade, it worked like a charm! :-D

JPS am um :

This just rocks my socks. Thanks guys.

Pete am um :

Can anyone tell me, why my account is inactive?

defuru am um :

Thank you to everyone involved in this great project. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.

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