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Today I was notified by Marco that there were still some re-occuring problems with our XMLRPC interface, and gave me a link to Tim Putnam, who successfully patched the XML-RPC facility.

I already integrated a patch by him for the 0.8 release, but sadly I was not aware of the forthcoming patches he made so that editing an article should now work via XML-RPC using Ecto, MarsEdit or whatever.

The patch has been committed to our 0.9 SVN Repository. Since I personally do not use the XML-RPC service and like our interface, I'd love to hear some feedback from people who actually use it.

A major thanks of course to Tim Putnam. If you happen to make any more patches, please let me know. :-)


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Tim Putnam am um :

Sorry Garvin, I guess I was sitting on some uncommitted fixes there. We last spoke just before the 0.8 release, and some of the fixes never made it in. My truly lazy nature in getting round to diffing the files has been exposed! I'm looking into some more fixes, and you'll be the first to know. I also mostly use the excellent serendipity interface at the moment, so not much testing done recently.

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