Server Maintenance

The server currently is experiencing some issues. Jannis, our master-bithorder is investigating the issue and we hope it will be resolved shortly. The server powers the main wiki as well as the forums; this blog here is hosted on a different machine.

Meanwhile: Summer.

Update 2010-07-05: The server was up and running during parts of the weekend, but it seems the situation was not resolved completely. The server is now once again up and running, but the bootup-process seems to be blocking due to some MySQL issue. The hardware does not report any specific failure, so we're a bit clueless as to what is happening, but we currently do not have the time to completely setup a new server. We'll further investigate the issue, and hope that this outage won't repeat itself too soon.

If something fails, the support options on will be there. We'll also try to work out a possibility for a secondary forum installation that people have offered, and see if we can setup a dump of on a static install.

Update 2010-07-06: And the server went down again. We cannot seem to find the reason why it hangs. We might need to completely reinstall the machine. We try to make it happen as soon as possible and post updates here.

Update 2010-07-06, #2: Until being able to reinstall the machine, we try to fix the situation by manually booting the machine's services - currently it seems as if the machine "lives" for about 24-30 hours after each reboot.

Update 2010-07-06, #3: I created a temporary support forum on SourceForge: SourceForge Forum for Serendipity.


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onli am um :

Is it that bad? Server is down for quite some time now.

kleinerChemiker am um :

Kann man eventuell www.s9y und forum.s9y vorübergehend auf blog.s9y umleiten? Ich vermute, daß viele (so wie ich) diese Adresse gar nicht kennen.

Len am um :

This is not good. As it is, whatever documentation is out there regarding SY9 and plugins is far too scarce. What scant amount is out there is written for bloggers who already know steps 1 and 2 - it seems to skip too many steps for those of us who need to have precise instructions. Therefore, the only really good source of information comes from posting questions to the forum. So now it is very rare that we can even access the forum. That leaves many of us with no resource for assistance at all.

tsk tsk

Robert Lender am um :

Kein wirklicher Ersatz für Forum und Co. - aber vielleicht hilfreich zum nachschlagen bei ein paar Problemen: Das fragmentarische Quer-durch-das-Web Serendipity/S9y Handbuch

onli am um :

Ja, sehr wichtig und hilfreich das Projekt, gerade jetzt.

Len am um :

I don't speak German (unfortunately.) I find it unimaginable that there is no user documentation or a help forum available when a single server is down for such a long time. I have searched and searched through google and Yahoo, but there is no detailed information available, except on the site that has been out of service since all weekend.

I'm having much difficulty getting my static pages to work properly. I've installed the static page plugin successfully, and there are no error messages when I fill out the form to create a static page. It saves and shows a green check mark. However, there are no instructions anywhere for what is supposed to happen once it is saved and there seems to be no changes to the files on my server.

Does anyone know how a static page is supposed to show up after a link button is pressed on the main menu? Exactly what code should be placed on a link button to start the static page generation and to point it to a page?

If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Send me your email address and I can provide even more details of my questions.

Thank you.

onli am um :

Did you have a look at the link you entered? The plugin suggests a default Permalink, simply append it to your base-url and follow it.

YellowLed am um :

The term "static pages" is kind of misleading - static pages have no physical representation in your server's file system, they are generated dynamically from the database just like blog entries. The term "static" refers to the fact that the content of these pages is usually kind of static, i.e. not updated frequently.

You can either link to these pages from a menu in your template (i.e. like in Bulletproof) or use the static pages sidebar plugin (which lists all static pages automagically).

Garvin am um :

Both Jannis and me are quite engaged in our jobs currently, and both the worldcup of soccer and the terrible weather in germany make it hard to put work here.

Sadly we are not a paid project, and we only have that much support and server power, and no one to do 24/7 support on our servers.

We are working as hard as we can, and this will surely get resolved. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The bug tracker and forums on Sourceforge are still up and running though.

To redirect DNS would make it even harder for us to get everything running up again.

Regards, Garvin

Len am um :

Thanks for your suggestion. I had tried that, but it kept failing. In the mean time, further testing has showed me where the problem was.

On the form to fill out for defining the permalink it says "Defines a permalink for the URL. Needs the absolute HTTP path and needs to end with .htm or .html!" An absolute path to me means that it must include the "" to precede before the folder name of the blog, index.php, etc. So I was typing the full ABSOLUTE path with HTTP, domain name, etc, as instructed, and not the relative path that was showing up initially on the form. I just now removed the HTTP prefix information and left it as the relative address that they supply and it worked. Would you say that the instructions are incorrect?

And thank you very much for responding. It is so very frustrating to be without documentation or a forum to search for answers.

onli am um :

Yes, this seems to be an error in the english translation of the plugin. The german one also mixes absolute and relative path incorrectly, but explains what is wanted with a few additional words.

Happy to hear you solved it :)

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