Serendipity 2.4.0 released

After a long beta, we release Serendipity 2.4.0, featuring PHP 8 compatibility and database upgrades to enable full unicode input!

Serendipity 2.4.0 is the release you want to install when you need compatibility with PHP 8. Like its beta did, it changes a lot of code in the core of Serendipity that triggered warnings with recent versions of PHP 8, but now the changes saw more testing and more plugins got equally fixed.

Besides various fixes, some significant changes to the latest stable 2.3.5 are:

  • PHP 8 compatibility for the core, current themes and many plugins hosted on Spartacus
  • Split date/time input in the editor, enabling browser support for entering time and date
  • Notifications for plugin updates
  • Fixes and enhancements for the multi-language support
  • Move MySQL databases from MyIsam and UTF8 to InnoDB and utf8mb4, enabling full unicode input

This version has seen a lot of testing, but it is also a very big release, especially concerning PHP 8 compatibility, database changes and multi-language support. So please have a backup ready if you upgrade from an older Serendipity version. Also please read the PHP 8 upgrade hints in the Github wiki for details on how to manage the transition from PHP 7.

We would love to get feedback from our users! If you still encounter bugs when running this on your production blog, let us know in the forum or on Github - and more than ever, pull requests with patches to plugins you rely on would be welcomed (Spartacus plugins live in this repository).

Please see the release statement on GitHub for more (technical) details.

You can download the release file and unzip it to your installation as usual, or update from within Serendipity using the Serendipity Autoupdate Plugin (serendipity_event_autoupdate).


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