Serendipity 0.8 released

Finally, after about 8 months of hard development and 6 beta releases the Serendipity Team is proud to finally release version 0.8 of Serendipity.

Many new and important features have been introduced, the core code has been made much more flexible, our code is polished up and many bugs and security issues were addressed.

Thus we feel that this latest version is a very recommended upgrade for all users.

We have put up a detailed migration and upgrade documentationere here: 0.8 Release Announcement. Please read it carefully, it contains all information on how to upgrade within just a few minutes to your brand-new blog.

0.8-beta Users are urged to upgrade to the final version as a few important security fixes have been made.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us improve Serendipity by reporting bugs and feature requests, and taking Serendipity to a new level. We are open to any feedback for this new release!

On behalf of the Serendipity-Team,