A new hosting service called Travelblog has been setup by the people of Their service is all about geotagging and open blogs for the public, as well as specific aggregation options for their blogs.

The system below is Serendipity, with a few enhancements as you can see on their website. Go and check it out - it looks very promising!

phpDoc: Serendipity Code-Documentation

Since someone constantly nagged me about documentation, I took the time the last few days to include a basic phpDoc style comment syntax into ALL of our Serendipity function declarations. Thanks for pushing me to that. It's a thing I never want to do again. ;-)

I have committed those files to the 1.0-alpha trunk, thus they are contained in tomorrows Snapshots. Everyone who thinks about contributing to Serendipity might like this, in addition to the documentation we have on

Have fun and a nice weekend, Garvin