Theme requests wanted!

Since Carl has been so hard-working on template ports the past time, he now feels quite well (and comfortable) with Serendipity's cool templating and customization features.

He has asked in a forum posting if there are any theme requests from users, for any theme ports or special ideas. If you have a wish, please go to the forums and post there. I'm sure Carl will have an open ear for you all.

Many thanks to Carl for being so generous with sharing his creativity!

New Themes Galore

It seems the christmas time is a productive time for template designers. :-)

Thanks to Carl Galloway we have a new template called "Connections" (a template port from an existing theme), which looks very decent.

Another theme called "Glossy White" was contributed by Christian Hoffmann (Lord Coffee) from our forums.

Last but not least, we have a new template called "Styled Bar" from Mads Sigvert. This one comes with several colorsets in the subdirectory (blue, green, purple, red, turqoise - each in a "glossy" and "non-glossy" version).

Have a try at those themes in our CVS repository and available via Spartacus! Thank you all for contributing your hard work!

New themes: Carl Blue and Carl Green

Thanks to Carl Galloway I have just added two new Themes to our CVS repository: Carl Blue and Carl Green, both can be found on his site. Their specialty is a combined sidebar, and a slick, simple and professional look.

Have a try, and tell Carl if you like his Template! It should also be downloadable from Spartacus within the next 48 hours, but you can also download the themes on Carl's page