Spartacus Plugin Overview Page

I had a couple of hours spare time today - recovering from the german karneval - , so I spent it hopefully usefully on this Page:

(will be available as shortly)

The design is temporary, it's the content that matters. It's an auto-generated snapshot and download page of the Serendipity Plugin and Template repository. Something like, but a bit more light-weight.

It should serve well for people that cannot run Spartacus or who want to look at our repository.

Please consider that page as experimental. The core texts are not translated, only the plugin descriptions are.

Any feedback is appreciated. If you face bugs, please let me know.

The page will be refreshed about ever 24 hours, but expect a delay of max. 48 hours in terms of anonymous CVS lagging.

SVN: 1.0 branch and trunk policy

I am currently working on Image directory permissions and including some other "unstable" stuff. I'll need to put it into SVN trunk so that other people can help developing.

Thus I've just created the "1.0" SVN branch point which holds the 1.0 branch and possibly upcoming 1.0.x maintenance releases.

SVN "trunk" is now the new, testing "1.1-alpha1" playground.

Developers, please commit fixes to both the branch AND trunk. Do not check out trunk if you need a stable system.

Users, if you need a stable system, please download the 1.0-beta1 release candidate or wait for the upcoming 1.0 final. Do not use the nightly snapshots if you depend on a stable system. B0rkage could happen, even though we give our best so that it doesn't.