Shared Serendipity Installation(s)

Often people ask how to setup a shared Serendipity installation. Even though this is documented, there is no "run and be happy" script provided for that. The reason is that usually your webserver has specific dependencies on how to maintain virtual hosts, user directories and SQL databases.

Thus, services like or others need to create their own scripts for dealing with this.

A help for novice users now comes through Chris Lander. He has committed Bash and Perl scripts that take on the job of setting up shared installations. The CVS repository where he committed his code is online at SourceForge ViewCVS. You can also download the whole package.

Chris is very enthusiastic about getting feedback or other user help. You can reach him at "clander at labbs dot com". Drop him a line, if you are using his scripts!

Serendipity 1.0-beta2 released

Just to keep you updated: We have not abandoned a 1.0 release. Our busy bees are still working hard on getting the wiki restyled, the text polished. Sadly, real life is taking a hold on all of us developers currently, so you must bear with us a little while longer. To sum it up: The current beta2 release candidate contains a few minor fixes and is the most stable release up to date. The final 1.0 release will most likely not contain any changes to this release. Please read the contained NEWS file for the fixes. The most important ones maybe are: Character transcoding for UTF-8 trackbacks to ISO-8859-x blogs (or vice versa), XHTML compliance fixes for some plugins, translation updates (plus new languages: Tamil and Turkish) and of course the new and polished default theme contest winner by Carl Galloway. Have fun using Serendipity 1.0-beta2, and stay tuned for the big 1.0 party. :-)