Shared Serendipity Installation(s)

Often people ask how to setup a shared Serendipity installation. Even though this is documented, there is no "run and be happy" script provided for that. The reason is that usually your webserver has specific dependencies on how to maintain virtual hosts, user directories and SQL databases.

Thus, services like or others need to create their own scripts for dealing with this.

A help for novice users now comes through Chris Lander. He has committed Bash and Perl scripts that take on the job of setting up shared installations. The CVS repository where he committed his code is online at SourceForge ViewCVS. You can also download the whole package.

Chris is very enthusiastic about getting feedback or other user help. You can reach him at "clander at labbs dot com". Drop him a line, if you are using his scripts!

German Magazine "Internet Professionell 4/06" about Serendipity

Thanks to HadleyB from the forums I was notified, that the current issue of the german magazine Internet Professionell had some editorial words from the editor in chief about Serendipity.

Here's a snippet of the original text in german and my translation to english:

"Mehrere individuelle Weblogs, ohne die Blog-Software mehrmals zu installieren: Mit Serendipity und ein paar Tricks klappt das wunderbar"

Ich wollte ein paar Leuten die Möglichkeit geben, auf einer meiner Websites ihr ganz persönliches Weblog zu schreiben. Zum einen wertet das meine Website mit interessanten Geschichten auf, zum anderen stärkt es die Community zu meiner Site. Die User sollten so weit voneinander getrennt sein, dass sie nur auf ihren eigenen Bereich Zugriff haben, und ich wollte die Blog-Software nur ein einziges Mal auf dem Webserver installieren. Überraschenderweise fand ich zunächst kein Open-Source-PHP-Skript dafür, dass auch sonst komfortabel und leistungsfähig ist.

Fündig geworden bin ich letztlich bei Serendipity ( Mit ein paar einfachen Tricks funktioniert es damit hervorragend, und die User haben sogar individuelle Design-Templates [...].

Insgesamt hat mich Serendipity als Blog-Software reichlich überzeugt, weil es flexibel und sehr einfach anpassbar ist. Und vor allem ist es benutzerfreundlich genug, dass auch weniger erfahrene Blogger damit klarkommen. Probieren Sie's mal aus und schreiben Sie mir, was Sie davon halten.

Franz Neumeier, Chefredakteur. Internet Professionell 04/06.

"Several individual weblogs, without installing the blog application multiple times: Using Serendipity and some tricks make it happen easily"

I wanted to give some people the opportunity to maintain a personal weblog on my website. On the one hand this adds interesting stories to my website and on the other hand it strengthens the community towards my website. The users should be kept independent from each other, so that they only have access to their specific area, and I wanted the blog application to only have installed once on my webserver. Surprisingly I did not find any Open-Source-PHP-Application that suited my needs and was also comfortable and powerful to use.

I finally found what I needed with Serendipity ( Using a few tricks, it all works flawlessly and the users have their individual design-templates[...].

All in all, Serendipity has persuaded me in many ways, because it's flexible to use and easy to customize. And most importantly, it is easy to use for even inexperienced bloggers. You should try it and tell me what you think.

Franz Neumeier, editor in chief. Internet Professionell 04/06.

Thanks for these kind words, I think they speak for themselves. :-)