New Serendipity Releases: 1.0.1 and 1.1-beta1

The Serendipity Team is proud to offer two new releases:

Serendipity 1.0.1 addresses a few minor bugfixes in the otherwise very well-received 1.0 stable release. Those are related to utf8-iconv conversion on older PHP setups, sending comment mails to users without an email address and a WYSIWYG image insertion issue.

The most important fix and reasing for the 1.0.1 release is a security issue that has been reported by Sebastian Nohn using the cool new Security-Scanner Chorizo. The only reported issue by Chorizo was the possibility of Users who could add plugins to the installation (usually only Administrators) to insert file references to other arbitrary PHP files that are then included. We feel this is a minor impact, because usually all administrators already would have full access to the PHP filebase and could include remote files with different means. Also note that users with safemode/open_basedir restrictions would not be affected by this.

Users with multi-users installations, giving plugin access to untrusted users are urged to upgrade to the latest release!

Serendipity 1.1-beta1 brings the long awaited new features to a first public release. The 1.1-alpha versions have been tested in the past quite well and are thought to run quite stable.

The 1.1 version brings those major new features (also see an earlier blog entry for details):

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