Show staticpages via smarty function

I upgraded the staticpage plugin in CVS to version 3.50 yesterday (which should be available via Spartacus now already).

It now supports to use a custom smarty function to show static pages. This can be used in your custom template files (like the userprofile .tpls) to emit specific staticpages depending on variables.

Go ahead and play with it. The API is quite basic and described in the new '' file. It basically works like this:

{staticpage_display template="$TEMPLATE" pagevar="$PAGEVAR" id="$ID" permalink="$PERMALINK" pagetitle="$PAGETITLE" authorid="$AUTHORID" query="$QUERY"}

The API is quite fundamanetal right now. If you want to access more properties/parameters, please let me know, and I'll implement them. Please discuss this feature on our forums in this thread.