Serendipity 1.3.1 released

Serendipity 1.3.1 has been released. This is a bugfix and security related release, basically adressing a potential XSS issue within the Top Referrers plugin as well as hypothetical XSS issues with the installer.

This release also adresses some basic PostgreSQL8 related problems, because implicit type casts have been removed from this version, causing breakage with several Serendipity core features. The fix for this is only partial and will still happen in (less common) functions of Serendipity. There is no ultimate solution to this because implicit type casts are required for certain entryproperty operations. Maybe the PostgreSQL8 team will think about if implicit type casts are not also quite helpful. ;-)

The only new feature addition is the exposition of a new smarty {serendipity_getImageSize} function.

This upgrade is recommended for users that use the Top Referrers plugin and new installations of Serendipity. Many thanks to Hanno Böck, once again, for reporting (and fixing) the two XSS issues (CVE-2008-1385 and CVE-2008-1386)!

You can find the new release on the download page. Upgrade by simply uploading the deflated archive files to your webspace.