Searching for feedback of iOS developers

Grischa needs some help on updating the XML-RPC for more iOS clients. Here's the quote from his original posting of the s9y forum post:

At the moment I am enhancing the xml-rpc interface of Serendipity with WordPress functionality.

The idea: If Serendipity is able to emulate WordPress interfaces, we can use all the tools using it. WordPress is much more suported than S9Y as it is more known. I'm aiming on the mobile clients available for WordPress blogs in special at them moment.

The problem: The enhancements are nearly ready and successfully tested with the official WP for Android client, blogsy on iOS for iPad and MarsEdit and ecto for Mac. What is missing is the app for the iphone. The official WP for iOS client is able to register the blog and reads some categories but then it crashes without any message.

The developer team of WP for iOS was not very helpful on that but the client is available as Open Source.

As I am not able to debug iOS apps (I don't even have a Mac) I'm seeking an iOS developer being s9y fan, too, who is able to debug what goes wrong there, so I can finalize my changes on the s9y xml-rpc interface.