Serendipity 2.1-beta1 released

The first beta of Serendpity 2.1 has been released and we are happy for people to test our latest changes.

The main focus of Serendipity 2.1 are rewrites in some older legacy parts of the core (URL routing, template fallback chain, experimental internal caching) as well as PHP7 compatibility.

Other notable changes include:

  • New bundled responsive themes "Timeline" (Demo) and "Clean-Blog" (Demo)
  • Improved usability of plugin upgrades by combining sidebar and event plugins and upgrading multiple plugins at once
  • Permission checks for the dashboard output and comments
  • Usability improvements to the media library, bulk moving support
  • The full list of changes can be found as usual in our docs/NEWS file.

We are happy to hear your feedback about this beta release on our forums!

Thanks on behalf of the team. And also thanks for our hard-working developers who contributed code to this Serendipity beta version, especially aristophian, onli, yellowled (in alphabetical order *g*),