Serendipity 0.8.1 released

The Serendipity Team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the 0.8.1 maintenance release.

This new release mostly addresses some bugs and security issues discovered in Serendipity 0.8.

Serendipity users who are running their blog with multiple and maybe not trustworthy authors are urged to upgrade to this new Release because of authors being able to upload special files without privileges.

The other important fix addresses possible XSS injections for the templatedropdown and shoutbox plugins.

Other non-critical fixes include:

  • Fix pagination of entries by author
  • Fix RSS 1.0 feed validation
  • Deactivated GZIP encoding in certain environments
  • Fix some missing allowed BBCode special characters
  • Some IIS/Windows server compatibility fixes

No new features of our 0.9 development release have been ported into this release. If you are eager to try our new features like viewing/selecting multiple categories to read, new plugin hooks for the media selector, uploading X images in one go and others - feel free to try our nightlies available on

On top to that new release, the following new plugins have been published since the release of Serendipity 0.8:

  • serendipity_event_aggregator: A "Planet"-like plugin that turns a Serendipity installation into a RSS Aggregator
  • serendipity_event_customarchive: A user-sortable view on your archived entries
  • serendipity_event_cachesimple: A full-page caching plugin
  • serendipity_event_todolist: A todolist sidebar plugin with maintanable project/todo states
  • serendipity_event_userprofiles: Display and maintain personal user profiles

The upgrade from a previous release is as easy as ever: Download the new version, unpack the files into your existing directory, open your Blog's admin interface and you will see the automatic upgrader. No SQL updates or function calls need to be made for this maintenance release, so the upgrade will only update your file to set your new version string to 0.8.1.

Download Link

Have fun with the new release, The Serendipity Team.


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defuru am um :

thanks, upgrading worked like a charm

Mandrake am um :

I will miss the Gzip encoding... I'm doing this upgrade and I don't know if I'm on one of those "environments" yet.

On another issue... I think the URL "" should have a default page with categories and their descriptions, just like "" does show something.

I made something like this in the past for an older version of s9y, but I stopped making this time consuming mods since I upgrade very often...

I know now this should be piece of cake now using the "externalphp plugin", but still it would be a nice default feature for s9y.

Garvin am um :

The "environment" are those which have usetranssid activated; those use an internal outputbuffering with which our method of gzip encoding does not cooperate.

About the categories, yes actually this would be best done with a plugin-mod. It really isn't that hard, but already the categories sidebar describes a list of all categories? You may also want to look at the customarchive plugin, it may be interesting for you.

Mike Reys am um :


Have the png's been tested with IE? All the PNG seem to causing trouble. They appear for a very short period of time and are then replaced by the blank.gif. Terribly annoying.

It looks OK in Firefox though... it just occurred to me that readers might not have Firefox.

Garvin am um :

Mike, actually the PNGs should work fine in the non-standard compatible Internet Explorer if:

  • you have JavaScript activated
  • the serendipityeventbrowsercompatibility plugin is loaded
  • your serendipityHTTPPath and baseURL path settings contain the same values like you use to view your Blog with (else the IE complains about security issues)

You may occasionally once need to refresh your page and make sure that CSS/JavaScript contains no errors.

I agree it's really annoying and am looking forward when PNG transparency finally gets implemented into Internet Explorer, which other browsers have succeeded with about 4 years ago.

I'm really sorry for that inconvenience. :-(

Regards, Garvin

Mike Reys am um :


for some reason, the browser compatibility plugin was loaded 3 times after the upgrade (??!). I deleted 2 of them and at first sight, everything seems back to normal.

Thanks !

Maugrim am um :

With the update to 0.8, the ability to mirror posts on Livejournal through a XML-RPC plugin, my new custom theme, spam blocking on those "poker" comments and trackbacks, the blog list notices, and increasing number of useful plugins... Well, I use gzip, but I won't quibble over it ;)

Been using Serendipity since the 0.6 versions - I have no regrets about that choice today.

Onward to 0.9 :)

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