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Past week, a request on the Serendipity Forums notified us about the existence of a service called PhoneBlogz.

The basic idea of their service is to allow blogging to your own blog via telephone. No, not via any of these XML-RPC methods with a software running on your phone. It's the "real thing" with "real speech".

You call a phone number of theirs, and then their service will take the necessary steps to post this message including the voice attachment to your blog.

The idea is quite fascinating to me, because it shows a usage area which hasn't been touched that often nowadays. And technically it's not really hard to implement, so I took the time to convert the existing WordPress plugin to a Serendipity plugin. This actually reduced the amount of code lines to maybe 60% and is a cleaner and easier plugin implementation within Serendipity - plus, it only took me about half an hour.

What really absolutely positively surprised me was the immediate reply of the service owner, Matthew Butt, to whom I also sent the plugin. He got involved with Serendipity and checked out the plugin code on his own, thus adding official (beta) Serendipity support for Phoneblogz.

A touched up version of the plugin is now committed to the Serendipity Plugin Repository and will be available on Spartacus very soon. Go and have a try, especially if you're living in UK/US or have VoIP. Note though that the service is still in beta-state and that test-accounts might get rare.

If you face any problems, please contact either me or Matthew about this, and we'll try to fix those issues.

Have fun - and many thanks to Matthew for his nice and supportive effort to show off Serendipity's Plugin API and being so kind to jump aboard on helping improve the Serendipity plugin!


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Ratatosk am um :


I have 4 invitations for test-account of PhoneBlogz for people who are interrested...

Tell me here if you want one...


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