Wikify your blog

I've committed a new plugin called "Free Wiki links for your entries" (serendipity_event_wikilinks) to the CVS repository and thus Spartacus.

This plugin adds a very basic wiki principle to your frontend: You can use links to create new entries. Actually, this functionality is basically also available within the "Wiki Markup" plugin, but I must admit I never got a grasp on that plugin, so I created a new one for that sole purpose.

You can now include links like [[my title]] in your entries. Either they resolve to already existing titles in your blog, or they will show an entry creation link for people which are logged in to the blog.

This plugin currently is only an expermental stub, but maybe already useful for some people. So have fun!


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Robert Lender am um :

Thank you for your quick response of my wikilink wish :-) I will test it and hope that you have time to extend it a little bit.

CoSTa am um :

this is something completely new to me. editing posts and linking just like that? a great plugin garvin! i'm testing it right now on my local serendipity instalation and it seems to be quite interesting. nice idea! maybe you should choose a combination of, let's say, "[?]" marks instead of pure "?". it does not become visible enough. the trackbacks are working just fine. ok, let's test it a little more...

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