And the winner is...

Carl Galloway

After a very intense "default theme competition" and voting period the last weeks, the winning theme has finally been found.

Carl Galloway has won the competition with his theme. He got 28 votes (5 extra votes through "commenting") and placed first. Second place is David Cummins with 20 votes (3 extra), and scoring last but not least is the proud myself with 19 votes. One vote has been cast on the old default design, for the record.

All three themes will be put into the final Serendipity 1.0 release, with Carl's theme being elected as the default theme. I think a wise decision has been made which puts Serendipity's look more up to par with what it can technically achieve.

Many, many thanks to the contributors of the themes for their enormous efforts complying with the harsh rules. Many thanks for the voters who took the time to constructively criticize the elected themes.

A small "elite group" consisting of Carl, David, Judebert, Jannis and me will now be going through the template and checking minor details and making some adjustments to the design before we release the 1.0 final release. We will not be able to uphold the February 15th release, but keep your heads up for a soon release.

The winning theme can still be seen on

Have fun, Garvin


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David Cummins am um :

Congratulations Carl - a worthy winner. And a big thank you to everyone who voted for my theme.:-)

Congratulations to you too Garvin for creating a great theme that will serve serendipity well in the future.

David Cummins

Carl Galloway am um :

Dave, you already know I admire your talents immensely, but I would like to publicly acknowledge that your comments to me about themes :wink: really helped me with this particular theme, and that I doubt it would have won without your contribution.

A big thanks also to Garvin, Jude, Lewe, Joerg, Brian, Jannis, Arn, Rob, Blake, Michelle, and everyone else who was kind enough to share your thoughts.


Robert Lender am um :

Congratulations to Carl! And thank you to all of the competitors for their work!

Zoran Kovacevic am um :

Congratulations Carl, and thank you to David and of course Garvin!

Paas am um :

I completely agree with the author. I hope it still will write.

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