"Autosave" Plugin

Jay Bertrandt has created a very helpful plugin called Autosave. It helps you to make your browser auto-save entries you are creating to save you some trouble when the browser or your system crashes - which happens to the best of us. :-)

The plugin works with a lot of AJAX magic, and Jay would appreciate some feedback. Detailed descriptions and the plugin itself can be found on Jay's blog. Please test it - if it works as intended, he will shortly commit it to our Spartacus repository!


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MERLiiN am um :

I am sure this is useful for some, however the session saver extension has done this for FireFox for a long while. It will certainly contribute to keep S9Y four miles ahead of the competition.

Henk am um :

This sounds like a must-have! When will it be in the spartacus repository?

Nils Hitze am um :

Im using the plugin for some weeks now and im so happy with it. Thank you Jay. It safes a lot of nerves.

matsch am um :

Hi, This plugin still not made it into Spartacus or am I just blind? Are there any reasons why it's not included?

Thanks, matsch

Garvin am um :

Sadly you are blind. :-)

It's there. :-)

Best regards, Garvin

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