Spamblock improvements

As some of you might have noticed, the comment/trackback spam is currently improving again. The spamblock plugin currently can catch a lot of spam, but had a slight weakness in terms of processing the ruleset.

Usually, the spamblock plugin walks all MODERATE/REJECT rules, and aborts that checking once the first rule hits on a mail. Recently it showed up that most spam is set to "MODERATE" even before some more aggressive spam detection rules were executed, so you might have received Moderation-Emails quite often for emails that would have been marked as spam later in the ruleset execution flow.

The latest version 1.40 of the spamblock plugin (Download here) will now also perform any other rule checks on a comment/trackback, even if it already had been marked as Moderate. This way, you will have the chance that another rule marks the comment as spam, and then will not infiltrate your mailbox.

Please give us feedback to tell us if this works for you, or if that new behaviour introdues any problems for you!


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Josh am um :

Spamblock gibts nicht bei SPARTACUS?

deminy am um :

I don't understand German, but I do believe Josh was asking the same question as mine:

How can we update the plugin Spamblock using Spartacus?

Freanki am um :

Are there any plans to improve this plugin so it also works with other plugins (i.e. shoutbox)?

Garvin am um :

Spamblock is an integrated plugin, thus it's not available via Spartacus, but only distributed with usual Serendipity releases.

You can just download the file via the link I gave and upload it to your directory, that's all that's needed.

Freanki: There are no plans from my side. We do accept patches from other people though. If you like to add it, you're heartly welcome! :-)

Olli am um :

I tried to update the plugin and where using 1.0-beta2 - the captchas stuff didn't worked. I then upgraded my s9y to the latest nightly snapshot available - captchas are still not working :(

Garvin am um :

Olli: Sadly you didn't give me any mail address to contact you. I would like to investigate this, please mail me privately with the URL to your blog, and tell me what exactly you mean with "the captchas stuff".

Regards, Garvin

Garvin am um :

(One more note: Captchas are disabled for registered authors of your blog by default. So if you are logged in, the captchas are no longer displayed to you, but ARE displayed for anonymous visitors)

Anonym am um :

I was logged in - as you've stated correctly, that was the problem. Thanks, now I can see the captchas letter-images again

hgoor am um :

I think stuff like this should be integrated in Spartacus - really!

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