Spamblock Improvements, Part II

Reports of the past improvements to the spamblock plugin have been very positive. On top of that, I got aware that the WordPress Antispam Service is available for other systems of that. So I sat down and implemented their pretty easy API into Serendipity's Spamblock plugin.

For Akismet to work, you need a user account, with which you get a "API Key". You must enter this API key into the s9y spamblock plugin configuration screen, and then also set the option on how to treat Akismet marked spam (either reject or moderate).

Please try out this plugin and give us feedback. You can download the updated version here:

serendipity_event_spamblock.php and Put those two files into your plugins/serendipity_event_spamblock/ directory. The plugin should be compatible with Serendipity 0.9.1, 1.0-beta and 1.1-alpha.

Thanks to the guys from Akismet for offering a freely available API to check Spam against! Letting the development community fight spam with bundled efforts is the only way we might get rid of the annoying destroyers of the Web.


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Andre Heinrichs am um :

I just added the new plugin to my blog. I guess I'll just have to wait until the first spammer tries to hit my site. Maybe some big site could try the new system?

Keep up your great work :-)

Simon Moon am um :

Its unfortunate that you have to have a blog to use it... why can't I just register with them -- I already have a blog!

Garvin am um :

Yes, that's a bit unfortunate. Sadly there's not much to do about it, but to ask the WP guys if maybe getting an API key without a blog is possible. :-)

André Fiebig am um :

Matt Mullenweg (Akismet) would like to artificially push the user numbers of So that the future commercial exploitation of Wordpress is more successful.

Matt am um :

You can get a account WITHOUT starting a blog. The only numbers we publicly report are total blogs, so if you get an account without a blog you aren't artificially bumping up any numbers. The number of people who sign up just for Akismet is so small compared to the normal growth that it's not that important anyway.

Peter Robinett am um :

Sure, you technically have a blog on but there's nothing wrong with leaving it fallow and just using the account for the Askimet key. That's what I did.

Patrick Avery am um :

hehe ... here comes some blogs that bounce to :-)

Xreator am um :

The blog would really become interesting as he started to accept questions that let him turn the information, the boring article, into a story, something compelling and interesting...

Harald am um :


i would love to have a feature into this plugin, that can handle bad words in comments, not "just" in URL and authors name. Do you plan something like this?

Garvin am um :

Harald, in fact this was just a bug. I just committed a fix which now properly shows this config option!

Ripper^^ am um :

Thanks developers for adding this feature to the spamblock plugin. Since installing it the Akismet API has caught every piece of spam making all other filters un-needed.

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