SourceForge CVS / Spartacus functional again

The last month has been a hard time for developers on, because their CVS service went down for good also for developers, and anonymous access was not updated for the time being.

The Serendipity Spartacus plugin by default uses the SourceForge Servers for downloading plugins and files, and thus this had not worked properly the past month. The first way to fix that problem was to use the "" file mirror.

Because of the changes made by the SourceForge team to CVS, their new infrastructure will no longer work with the Spartacus plugin, because they changed Domain and URL locations. Users should either use the file mirror, or use the latest version of the Spartacus plugin with the new path location: serendipity_event_spartacus.php + The patch is fairly easy and just replaces the URL of the server.

Attention for Plugin Developers using CVS access: has changed the CVS server from "" to "". You will either need to check out that new repository, or else use this bash command to search+replace all the old paths to the new paths:

find -name "Root" -exec sed -e "s:@cvs:@php-blog.cvs:g" -i {} \;

(Many thanks to lars for pointing this out to me)

Read the Sf.Net docs for details on the new CVS project service. Other good news is that anonymous CVS access will no only lag 2 hours, not 24 hours.

Let's see how this will work out, and my thanks to the SourceForge.Net team who has surely not an easy job providing free access for thousands of projects.


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devnet am um :

This didn't work for me. The error was as follows:

Warning: main( failed to open stream: No such file or directory

This was shown when trying to login to the admin menu. The front page is ok. I've reverted back to the previous version of spartacus.

garvin am um :

This message should only happen if you did not put the other usual files of the plugin into the spartacus directory; the lang*.php files are mandatory.

devnet am um :

Well...Spartacus has been installed since it's release and no files have been deleted from its directory. I'd say that I'm missing a core file. Should I download the latest version and pull the file needed? Or does this require the CVS file?

rx scabin am um :

I have obviously done something stupid. I updated the Spartacus plugin (or so I thought) and now get this at the top of the admin screens:

main( failed to open stream: No such file or directory in serendipityevent_spartacus.php on line 17 [...]

What should I do?

rxscabin am um :

Ignore previous please. i fixed it by just going back to what I had.

garvin am um :

To both of you: You also need to get the "" file, this also needs to be in your directory?

devnet am um :

in the spartacus directory?

rx scabin am um :

The link to and the other on the prvious page are broken.

euclidean am um :

could you please post a link for the lang file/s.

devnet am um :

Still having problems with this. I've started a forum thread at and included a screenshot after I updated to SVN.

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