Lightbox, Thickbox, Lightbox2

Yesterday, Andyman77 from the forums brought the Thickbox project to my attention. Using his plugin, I intermingled that with the existing lightbox plugin so that you can now choose which JS library to use to format your links. Plus, lightbox2 got also added to the plugin.

What, you don't know what Lightbox is? It's a nifty javascript that will transform links to images into small "popup" links. When you thus link to a thumbnail images (<a href="large.jpg"><img src="thumb.jpg" />), lightbox will take on that image link, and once clicked on it, the large image will be shown on your page instead in a separate browser window. It sounds boring when explained, so just go to the lightbox pages and look at their installations.

The plugin installation is seamless, as all image links in serendipity will get automatically rewritten so that links from thumbnails will show up as lightbox links.

Thickbox brings fun into this thing by offering to also popup HTML links inside neat popups. Just add a 'class="thickbox"' attribute to your HTML links in your entries, and that's it.


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Vince am um :

Hmm, I can't seem to find the new plugin; the old one installs and uses Lightbox1.0, which is kind of a step down since I've manually installed Lightbox 2.0... Am I doing something wrong with the plugin?

Garvin am um :

Well, I committed the plugin yesterday, so it should be available via Spartacus today. You might need to purge your Cache, if it isn't? is the updated version, at least. :)

David Blangstrup am um :

Seems like I'm the overheated one here, it is there... but it's not working, neither in MIE 7 beta 3 or your loved FireFux... :(

David Blangstrup am um :

...but it is working in MIE 7 beta 3 when I try the examples... should I do anything more that add the plugin?

vince am um :

Yup, got it too, sorry for posting too early. Will play with it later...

Andy Ramblins am um :

Hiya, Andyman77 here (confusing I know) I would greatly appreciate some feedback. I have some small problems with thickbox, mainly mainly with s9y 1.0 I think it may be a conflict with some other plugins.



Vince am um :

Hello Andyman77,

I'm afraid I can't help much. I have installed Lightbox v2.02 manually on the blog, and it works fine. But when I try to install the plugin, I get all kinds of problem. I wanted mostly to set the plugin to Thickbox, since I've already got Lightbox running, but it seems they interfere with each other and nothing works.

I also tried to install Thickbox manually, but the result is the same: Thickbox and Lightbox seem to cancel each other. So rather than going through some serious de-bugging, I let Thickbox go, it wasn't that important. Lightbox installed manually is working like a charm.

Cheers, Vince

Andy Ramblings am um :

Hiya Vince, I have, made some fixes and have found that this plugin works with S9y 1.1 and my test site of s9y 1.0 (this one only has the very basic scripts) You can download it Here

However, for some reason, which I'm trying to work out, it doesn't want to work on my live site. I Would welcome comments or Idea's

Kindest regards,


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