Temporary Spartacus-Update outage

UPDATE: Spartacus works again

Yesterday, my private linux development box passed away. My small EPIA ME-6000 Mini-ITX PC served me and the serendipity development several gracious coding hours. Even though its 256MB of RAM and the performance of a P2-400 was sometimes driving me insane, it had one big bonus: It was nearly fanless, and thus silent enough to fit into my combined living/work area.

And now it is no more.

Which temporarily means, as long as I get a new silent PC I cannot boot my linux system, which (apart from fetching my mail and beign my file storage) also took care of updating the Spartacus XML files every 24 hours. This means that until then, the new plugin versions are not available via Spartacus, and you must either wait or fetch them via CVS.

Since a new silent PC cuts a larger hole into the budget that I had planned for my turkey-holidays, I can't tell how long I need to gather up that new PC. If anyone here has a small project (2-3 weekends?) in his backhand, that would require a skilled PHP-developer with solid Serendipity-knowledge like myself - please raise your voice. :-)


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Harald am um :

Is the only condition for your new PC, that the machine is silent?

Garvin am um :

Sort of. The power consumption should be below 50W, so that I can run the machine 24/7 - and it shouldn't be slower than my old machine (comparable to P2-400). And in the best case it would have no fan at all. :-)

I'm browsing through the web already, but it's quite hard to find something like that out-of-the box, since I'm no casemodder with special cooling skills. :)

Christian Ter am um :

Actualy that box (where the vm is on) sounds more like a supersonic-jet (we love to call it our private-jet ;-) but therefore it does not have to reside in your living area but in our server-rack.

emwede am um :

Hi Garvin,

(sorry, No PHP-project here :-(

BUT what we actualy could do, is provide some space on a specialy prepared virtual Machine (I actualy would prefer debian as this costs the least effort for us to setup) and a static IP-Address (on a flat rate line paid by us). You could get root pivileges there - if you want to.

Actualy that box (where the vm is on) sounds more like a supersonic-jet (we love to call it our private-jet ;-) but therefore it does not have to reside in your living area but in our server-rack.

This could at least take away the presure resulting from the spartacus-outage.

Don't hesitate to contact me on that by Email (I think there would be some configuration details to be clarified).

regards emwede

Garvin am um :

Hi emwede!

Thanks for letting me know; I'll drop you a mail. There might be some issues with this regarding storing passwords etc. on a foreign server, which I'm not yet properly decided on. :-)

Many thanks for that kind offer, much appreciated!

Carl Galloway am um :

You could also look at buying a sub$100 pc that has no fan and only draws 8w


Hope the link helps.

hgoor am um :

Look for a HP EPC-40. I have on here myself. It's small and almost 100 quiet.

1GHz Celeron with 128Kb of on-die Level 2 cache, 256Mb of PC133 SDRAM, Intel 815 motherboard chipset, 20Gb Maxtor 4K020H1 hard disk, 24x TEAC CD-ROM, 4Mb shared AGP 4x Intel 815 graphics, SoundMAX integrated audio, Intel Pro/100 VE 10/100BaseTX Ethernet adaptor

It is really quiet since it only has a fan for the cpu (the power comes from an external connector)...

You can buy these a lot online for good prices....

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