Carl Galloway releases Hemmingway-Theme port

Carl Galloway has released his port of the Hemmingway Theme for Serendipity.

It's quite bleeding edge and supports various new features of Serendipity 1.1-beta, so check it out! Hooray for Carl. :-)


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Carl on at :

Thanks Garvin, and already the template has had its first update with the additionh of an extra sidebar courtesy of a users request. I've also added support for more plugins. Thanks to all the Serendipity users who have been so supportive.

Peter Fischer on at :

I downloaded and installede latest CVS release. Some minor CS errors with "huge" letters. So far so good.

I also downloaded the Hemmingway theme and installed it. It doesn't show up among the themes I can select. Why?

Also its a quite different and small file "structure" this Hemmingway theme has. Am I missing files?


Carl on at :

I've checked the zipfile and everything seems to be in order, could you perhaps check that the file you downloaded wasn't corrupted somehow?

Peter Fischer on at :

I have downloaded it twice.

Is this theme somehow different install wise than any other themes?

Peter Fischer on at :

Found the "error".

My webhotel provider was messing up with the php configuration etc ...

So everything is working fine :-)

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