Serendipity 1.0.3 released: Fixes PHP 5.2.0 problem

Because of the issue with PHP 5.2.0 mentioned before, and the 1.1 release not hastily being pushed out the barnyard, the Serendipity Team has decided to release a 1.0.3 version that fixes the mentioned problem.

We have also decided to backport some other bugfixes from the 1.1 release tree:

  1. Fix a problem where spartacus did not properly assign configured permissions to downloaded directories, thanks to danilo from the forums!
  2. Fix possible integer wraparound in comment count leading to a gazillion counter state. Also now show links to the entries within the administration comment panel. Thanks to Julian Finn!
  3. Fix bug with using %username% in author permalinks, thanks to oeli from the forums!
  4. Move trackback sending logic to the end when saving an entry. Should get rid of event plugins not operating when trackbacks painfully fail. Thanks to isotopp.
  5. Fixed bug that prevented native imports from other blog system to recode ISO-charsets into UTF-8. Major thanks to Jan of

If you are affected by any of those fixed bugs and/or running PHP 5.2.0, we suggest you to update. Else, you are not required to upgrade your Serendipity 1.0.2 installations and can wait happily ever after until we get the 1.1 release polished for release (hopefully in December). If you are a foreign language speaker and want to contribute to Serendipity, please drop us a line in the Serendipity forums to help us in getting all translations up to date.

Download the new release here


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Carl am um :

That's a good set of bugfixes, and should be well received, well done.

raimondo am um :

Hi, very good and very important upgrade. Thx!!!

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