New Plugin: My Calendar

While working on migrating some blog design I discovered, we had no calendar/event scheduling plugin to easily add upcoming events.

I've now patched up a plugin called "serendipity_event_mycalendar" and committed it to CVS; there you can add events, their dates and a possible referring URL which will be displayed in the sidebar plugin.

Maybe I'll think about a upload form to import CSV separated events or whatever some time. As I'm not using any calendar application, that may not happen easily though. :-)


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Keilaron am um :

Does the Calendar support recurring events? If so, then I don't care for CSV uploading ;) You may want to take a look at Sunbird if you want an example of a "simple" Calendar program:

Garvin am um :

No, the plugin doesn't yet support recurring events. Thanks for the reference to Sunbird, but I just can't get used to using any other calendar than my mobile phone :-D

Keilaron am um :

Well, you made it sound like you wanted a suggestion for a calendar program, so there you go =) They use the iCal format, a plaintext format that shouldn't be too hard to implement. Recurring events would be nice, though, especially if you implement the iCal format; for example:

Either way, thanks =)

dk am um :

An "upcoming events" plugin is something I waited for a long time, but I'm a little unhappy with the way it works.

Instad of using and maintaining a separate list of events I hoped that the plugin would add a "show this entry on the upcoming event list"-feature to the "new entry" page.

I guess there's a WP plugin that does something similar.

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