Serendipity 1.1 release cycle

The Serendipity 1.1 release cycle is finally getting ready to be pushed out of the door. It seems to run quite well from the reports on the forums we gathered and we have not heard of any showstoppers or open bugs left in it.

I would like you all to testdrive the latest snapshots (which should run without any problems) and see if you find any remaining bugs/issues. If possible, report them on the forums where we can best discuss about it.

Also, for any possible translator of our language files - we need your help to translate new strings before the release. Please download the snapshots on and have a look at the contained language files. You can send the translations to the forums or drop a message here and I will commit them.

Special help is required for these languages which have no active maintainer, have not been updated for a long time or no maintainer has been entered in our language files: Tamil, Romanian, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Czech.

The goal is to release Serendipity within the second week of December.


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SuE am um :

Ok, I go for Czech

Florina am um :

I can help with the Romanian language. Where exactly are the files?


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