Serendipity 1.1.1 released

After the well-received Serendipity 1.1 release, we put our ears to the community and searched for any bugs left. Luckily, those were very few (like the IIS server cookie bug) - we didn't at first believe it, so we let some time go by to be absolutely sure there were no other things to fix before issuing a maintenance release.

And here it is now: Serendipity 1.1.1 is a bugfix-only release to fix these reported issues:

  • Windows IIS server cookie/session authentication problem when not running via HTTPS
  • Change execution order of trackbacks to properly send them when a failure occurs
  • Display proper plugin permissionship restrictions when the admin user is not part of the group that is restricted
  • Fixed a bug that some plugins were not able to properly execute in the entry detail view

This is not a security-related upgrade. You only need to apply it if you think you are affected by any of the bugs listed.

Meanwhile, we continue to work on Serendipity 1.2 for feature improvements. Together with helpful users of the forum we are currently working on improving the authentication/plugin API sequence to better support future plugins like OpenID. Any help is appreciated, have a look at the forum thread. Also we are working on improving the Spartacus API, PDO::PostgreSQL support has been added, spamblock plugin improvements and some tweaks to the permalink system.

You can download the new version (or a recent snapshot of Serendipity 1.2) as always on our Download page. Detailed upgrade steps are explained in our FAQ, but it's as simply as: Download, extract, go to the Admin panel. :-)

Have fun!


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Fabien Chabreuil am um :

Kudos for the new version! Serendipity is an exceptionally stable and good product. Thanks to all the team.

Is there an expected release period for 1.2? I said period not date ;-)

Cheers, Fabien

Garvin am um :

We are currently still at pushing major parts of serendipity 1.2 (login routines) that will take time "until they're finished".

I can only say that you won't have a 1.2 final release in at least 2 months. A realistic schedule would be, sometime around May to June. :-)

Intermediate beta versions and snapshots will be delivered as usual, of course.

Fabien Chabreuil am um :

Thank you for your transparency, Garvin. Of course, I didn't want a precise information about 1.2 reease date, and as it is, your answer is really helpful for me.

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