Serendipity User Survey

Ellen and Prabath from the project are conducting a User survey on how our users are working with Serendipity. The results of this survey will have a huge impact on Prabhath's student work as a Usability Engineer - he will try to make suggestions to enhance the user experience of the Serendipity Entry-editing interface, and maybe more.

Please participate, everyone. You will benefit by making Serendipity more user-friendly to fulfill your very own needs!

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hgoor am um :

Hmm, I missed it or either the thing is down. Either way: the survey itself could do with some usability input:

Survey #40. Serendipity in not active at this time [ Main ]

williamts99 am um :

The survey is over, the results should be posted soon. :-)

drx am um :

Hi, concerning some perceived usability from me:

Could you make s9y into the first and only blogging software that would not create pages that link to themselves?

I am so tired hacking this into wordpress every time ... :)

Greets, drx

Garvin am um :

Why are link to themselves bad? I actually enjoy that I can easily bookmark the header or reload a page by clicking on it (to view new comments)

drx am um :

Because users think that something new will come up when they click a link and it will not. And it might even look that something new is coming up and it takes time to find out that it is in fact not so.

To reload a page, every browser has a button, F5 as a shortcut ...

Also, headlines do not need to link back to the same page. On a listing of different articles, they are links to the individual pages, that is fine. On the pages themselves, the address to bookmark is already in the URL.

Or i land on a some page of this site, coming from google. I do not understand what's going on, so i click on "homepage". The image flickers, the page reloads ... and it looks like i already was on the homepage before. Why then is a link offered to me to go where i already am, wasting my time?

In general, it's difficult to understand where you are, where you have been and where you can go if pages link to themselves.

That you know is probably because you know the blogging software or got used so much to it as other blogging software tends to do it like this as well. :)

Garvin am um :

Thanks for your detailed explanation!

IMHO it's more consistent to have the entry headline always link to the entry. Why make it a link on the overview page and not on the detail page, that would break consistency? If the headline is clickable at one time, I see no reason to not have it the other time.

The "homepage" link in s9y templates usually points to the real homepage, not the current article.

But I do feel your opinion on this, and it's good that s9y offers easy templating to change it like you want. I'd have no problems with more s9y themes being available to work in your proposed way of doing things, so maybe you'd like to contribute such an optimized template to the community?

Best regards, Garvin

blog am um :

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