German PHP Magazine featuring Serendipity article

This month's german PHP magazine features an article introducing Serendipity and its capabilities, as well as some looks into thecode- written by yours truly, Garvin Hicking. The article is titled "Blogging mit Biss"

The article was written with newbies to Serendipity in mind, but also targetted at eager developers who might want to contribute to Serendipity. When the next PHP magazine issue comes out, we'll see to publishing the article on

If you've read the article and want to share your opinion, feel free to comment here.:-)


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Matthias on at :

I've read the article and think it's great. People are very interested in S9Y, from my experience, but have been hesitating to use it. Maybe your article will help change that.

CoSTa on at :

well... congratulations garv!
it's always nice to see some info about serendipity :)

chris on at :

very nice congrats

Nils Hitze on at :

Du rulest Garvin.

Schön zu sehen dass "the best blogging System on Earth" die Beachtung bekommt die es verdient.

Werd mir das Mag wohl die Tage ziehen.

Dave on at :

Maybe you could translate the article into English and I can try and get it into one of the UK web dev magazines

marcel on at :

Netter artikel, gratualiere zu dem biss

Maxime on at :

congratulations! I had never heared of you until I read the article!

Svetlana on at :

Ein Artikel den man jedem Programmierer als Pflichtlektüre geben sollte!

Katjusha on at :

congrats... are you allowed to post a copy of that artice here on the blog?

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