Serendipity 1.2-beta1 released

After a long time of development and testing, Serendipity 1.2 is now out in its first release candidate.

There have been quite a lot of changes to the new version. Most important of them all, the authentication and session scheme has been altered to allow easier plugin interaction. Also the backend (master template and template for the entry editor) has finally ben Smartyfied so that they can be changed by template authors.

We would kindly ask all Serendipity users to test this new version to squash any possible showstoppers before the final release.

Please check especially if the login to your admin backend still works flawlessly (especially if you are using https) and if your 'Edit Entry' backend section works just like before. Please report bugs and issues on our Serendipity Forum Board.

Here's a list of other new cool enhancements since Serendipity 1.1:

  • Templates for Backend (Entry Editor, Master Template) via Smarty
  • New session/login system
  • SQLite3, PDO::Postgresql Support
  • better IPv6 support
  • better HTTP headers to support Caching
  • allow to define if a parent category should show entries of child categories on the frontend, or only entries of that exact category
  • Bugfix: RSS fullfeed for "let user decide" now properly works
  • Bugfix: Saving/sending trackbacks and tracking exit-links works in circumstances involving cached entries
  • Bugfix: Place possible dangerous user preference options to group management to prevent unwanted configuration changes

A full list of changes is contained in the docs/NEWS file inside the file archive. Many changes are small bugfixes and user interaction enhancements that all speed up your Serendipity experience.

You can download the latest version on And most of all: Have fun!


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hgoor am um :

Congrats with yet another release! I have tried and tested a lot of other blogging software but the ease of use and - most important to me - the use of SPARTACUS really makes S9y the best blogging software for me!

One thing that would be on my wish list however, would be the option to upgrade from within SPARTACUS (either beta's/snapshots or final releases!

That would really rock!


Garvin am um :

hgoor: Thanks for the praise. :)

The problem with updating via Spartacus are conceptual ones. It would need write privilege to ALL serendipity files, which would impose a larger security leak. Then it would require download checksum management so that people cannot simply redirect your DNS to install a fake s9y version for you, when you update. Then also the traffic is a problem - s9y has many files and transfering all of them without an error via HTTP will most likely not work in a PHP spawned proces. Using a ZIP would not work because most server don't have the zip extension and using the PEAR ZIP class would use too much memory for deflating.

Mandrake am um :

I am still running 0.9.2, I hope everything works fine when updating from here... I agree on the spartacus update, it would make it easier to update.

rollenc am um :

Mybe, I found a bug. I redirect my entry to id/%id%. It is run in 1.1.2, but not run in 1.2-beta.

Garvin am um :

Thank, rollenc, for reporting this bug. I have just fixed this:

click here

chris am um :


Luto am um :

Upgrade was very easy, no problems so far. Great work, people!

RJH am um :

I have been having weird login issues since upgrading to 1.2. The login will time out at odd times. Sometimes it will time out right in the middle of making a post even if I have just made another post. Several times I have lost a post because it reset back to the login page. Sometimes it will stay logged in all day and other times it will reset after just a few minutes. This started when I installed beta 1. I am running beta 2 now and still have the same problems.

Garvin am um :

Hm, this could also mean problems of your server which might clean out session files too early. Could you try to setup a 1.1.3 release to test it also with and see if you might have the same issues? This would then mean that your server is the cause, not the 1.2 version.

It might also be a browser issue that might clean out cookies. Which browser are you using, are you running any cookie-filtering software or proxies that might be related?

RJH am um :

So you want me to install the non beta version 1.1.3? Yes I can do that if thats what you want. I assume it will make all the necessary changes by itself during install?

I use MSIE 7 but the issue started immediately after installing 1.2 and I had made no changes to my browser or hosting account (which is GoDaddy in case that matters).

Garvin am um :

Only for a secondary test-install, I didn't mean to change the setup on your "live" site.

Usually logout problems like yours are cookie or server related, they might also happen when your cookies are mangled. Maybe if you purge your cookies from the browser and restart the browser, the 1.2 trouble might go away.

Please come to the forums ( for a further discussion!

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