New Static Pages

I have just committed an update to the serendipity_event_staticpage plugin (now version 2.0)

It can now hold indefinite numbers of static pages in a seperate DB table and gives you a new menu item to maintain your static pages. This is both more intuitively, does not crowd the plugins table and therefore is much faster.

If you have suggestions how to further improve the static page plugin, please raise your voice. :-)


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Mr Latenight am um :

That sounds terrific. Where can I find these new plugins?

Garvin am um :

Actually they will be part of this nights updated Spartacus run. You can also fetch it from here:

Apart from that, more information can be found on

Regards, Garvin

Mandrake am um :

Agree, sounds incredible... But I think it would be a good idea to separate this plugin from the "static pages", maybe using a different name like "CMS extension" or something, sometimes people just needs one static page or doesn't want xtra DB tables.

I'm gona try it!, I feel like a child with a new Toy...

Garvin am um :

Actually the old static page plugin is really not needed anymore; the way it stored its text is pretty awkward, so the new plugin should be preferred also in the "simple" cases. :)

Regards, Garvin

Jr Prod am um :

Hi Garvin,

I was just wondering : is there some difficulty to upgrade te statig page plugin to the current version ? How should I proceed ?

Thanks ! Jr Prod

Btw, this blog is a great idea. I learn a lot of things, because it's easier to follow than the messages in the forum. Thanks for that !

Garvin am um :

The update should go smoothly: Just install the new plugin and visit your usual blog URL. The first call will migrate your existing static pages into the new structure and remove all other instances of the old static plugin.

And great you like the blog :-)

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