Outage, Spartacus affected.

As of today, the server seems to be having a hiccup. The serendipity Plugin Spartacus by default requires this server to provide automatic plugin and theme updates and downloads. The inavailibility of this server can lead to timeouts and not being able to install new plugins.

The issue should resolve itself once is up again. Temporarily you can either reconfigure your Spartacus-plugin to use the SourceForge-Mirrors, or completely disable the Spartacus plugin. Using the mirror will not help you, as this server is currently not hosting any files.

I will post an update once the server is up again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Typ.o on at :

Server seems to be still down on Sunday, 18.

Mario on at :

Right now I can access again.

Jason Frisvold on at :

Is it down again now?

Also, if I switch over to retrieve XML from s9y and the files from SourceForge, it appears that a large number of plugins are missing?

Place on Map on at :

i mean its down again. SourceForge, Berlios miss many plugins. really infuriating

Bernd on at :

Good to know that the problem is the server itself. Unfortunately I know such problems from other servers. So hope it will be fixed soon.

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