What this blog will be all about...

We have finally made it to create an official Serendipity blog. It's design and uniqueness will improve during the next weeks, but for now we will start with the basics.

It is important to note that this new blog will not obsolete our Wiki Documentation and Presentation Site or our Forums. Instead this blog will server as an information central with news on releases, development and other important news.

As a Serendipity user you should at least subscribe to our RSS Announcements feeds.

Our categories are:
  • Security
    News on security issues, serious bugs and upgrade urges. We hope to get as little postings in this category as possible. ;-)
  • Announcements
    General Announcement from news versions, on structural changes or anything important worth noting
  • DevelopmentBreaking new development will be documented here, as well as explanations of code.
  • Plugins
    New plugins will be announced and discussed here
  • Personal
    If our developers feel to talk about their private views or want to note something personal, they will do it in this category

The last news items from our Wiki have already been imported into this blog for your convenience.

Thanks for your attention - feedback is appreciated as always.


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Russell am um :

Way to go. I look forward to your next post.

Niko am um :

Great, happy to see updated news :-) Isn't more logic that the serendipity news are published in a blog rather than a wiki? ;-)

Mandrake am um :

This is very good news, i'll be one of your most frequent readers of course.

I've been wondering for a long time why the s9y site didn't have s9y running on it.

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