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Also requested quite often on the forums was a Voting/Poll plugin. Evan Nemerson did some groundwork on this quite some time ago, but it was lacking granular control over multiple Polls.

I have not committed a majorly revamped plugin which lets you delete and maintain multiple votings. The plugin is very basic, but it can be easily enhanced in the future as it has its own tables.

The new plugin comes with a bundle of a sidebar and an event plugin which should both be installed for full integration into your blog. The plugin has been committed to CVS where it will show up shortly in Spartacus or the usual places.


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Thomas on at :

I have been having a bit of trouble using the sidebar poll plugin. When I click on the click "Go" button the following message outputs. Please help :)

Quick Poll What do you think of our Blog?

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/apache/blogs/nea/templates_c/default^%%0D^0D1^0D1AE979%%index.tpl.php:8) in /usr/local/apache/blogs/nea/include/ on line 235

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