Versioning/Revisions of entries

Today I've committed a little plugin to the repository that is called Versioning of entries (serendipity_event_versioning).

It about does what its name suggests: Once installed, it will store each change to your entry in a seperate table. From there you can restore previous versions of your entry.

You can also configure the plugin whether to show revisions of your entries to the public. The plugin has a lot of room for improvements in the future, like offering a "diff" view of your entry revisions or other pretty things.

Add an icon to your serendipity page

You can now add an icon to your Serendipity template without any coding at all. I've extended the kubrickheader plugin -- which already changed the header image in Kubrick and Joshua templates -- to handle the default template as well. Since most templates simply extend one of these three, the plugin should be able to handle just about anything. To reflect these new capabilities, the SPARTACUS title has been changed to "Template Header / Logo Image".

While I was in there, I also added ".gif" to the list of image extensions, so if you specify a directory of images, a random icon will be chosen every time the page is loaded.

You can read the forum post for more information and directions.