Quicksearch for Static Pages and Multilingual Entries

In the past few days, several people asked for the possibility to quicksearch not only serendipity entries but also static pages and multilingual entries.

I was overwhelmed to see how easy adding support for both was possibly, and did so within the past 30 minutes. I guess this once again proves how flexible the plugin architecture of Serendipity is... :-)

To get quicksearch possibilites in the Static pages, just fetch version 3.30 of the staticpage plugin via Spartacus. It will be online within the next 48 hours. As soon as you've upgraded, the quicksearch will show the results of found staticpages below the usual search results. You can customize the output of course, via the plugin_staticpage_searchresults.tpl template file.

Support for multilingual entries has one caveat: It requires an updated serendipity core file, which I just committed to our SVN 1.1-alpha1 and 1.0 release branch: Patch. This allows version 2.0 of the multilingual plugin (also available on Spartacus the next 48 hours) to fully interoperate with the search facility. It will search all entries in the language you are currently reading in and display the entries completely interface with the usual search results.

Please let me know, if it works out fine for you. Note that fulltext search requires MySQL 4.0 and above - SQLite and postgresql emulate the search with a LIKE search. Expect some performance decrease in that matter.

"Autosave" Plugin

Jay Bertrandt has created a very helpful plugin called Autosave. It helps you to make your browser auto-save entries you are creating to save you some trouble when the browser or your system crashes - which happens to the best of us. :-)

The plugin works with a lot of AJAX magic, and Jay would appreciate some feedback. Detailed descriptions and the plugin itself can be found on Jay's blog. Please test it - if it works as intended, he will shortly commit it to our Spartacus repository!