Cronjob functionality

Two new plugins have been added to CVS by me:

serendipity_event_metadesc / "HTML META-Tags" allows you to define meta-description and meta-keywords per entry. Those will then be shown on the detailed entry page within the HTML head. As a nice bonus, if you leave the fields empty, the plugin tries to auto-detect keywords and description based on your text. For that it evaluates Bold/Strong tags in HTML to auto-guess your content.

serendipity_event_cronjob / "Cronjob scheduler" finally offers some cronjob functionality that people have sometimes requested. A lengthy explaination of this plugin follows. :-)

"Cronjob functionality" vollständig lesen

Lightbox, Thickbox, Lightbox2

Yesterday, Andyman77 from the forums brought the Thickbox project to my attention. Using his plugin, I intermingled that with the existing lightbox plugin so that you can now choose which JS library to use to format your links. Plus, lightbox2 got also added to the plugin.

What, you don't know what Lightbox is? It's a nifty javascript that will transform links to images into small "popup" links. When you thus link to a thumbnail images (<a href="large.jpg"><img src="thumb.jpg" />), lightbox will take on that image link, and once clicked on it, the large image will be shown on your page instead in a separate browser window. It sounds boring when explained, so just go to the lightbox pages and look at their installations.

The plugin installation is seamless, as all image links in serendipity will get automatically rewritten so that links from thumbnails will show up as lightbox links.

Thickbox brings fun into this thing by offering to also popup HTML links inside neat popups. Just add a 'class="thickbox"' attribute to your HTML links in your entries, and that's it.