Serendipity 1.7.5 released

As promised, we just released a minor maintenance release 1.7.5 that addresses a singular bug with the textile plugin preventing some plugin operations, but only on PHP < 5.3 servers. So if you are running a recent PHP version (like you should...) you will be unaffected by this issue and don't need to upgrade.

The only other change to the previous release is that the spamblock plugin will now add required fields to comments (the comment and the comment's author) when installed for the first time.

Have a nice weekend and greetings from our team :)

Serendipity 1.7.4 released

Serendipity 1.7.4 has just been released, addressing a few PHP 5.3+ compatibility issues for plugins and libraries, the most relevant changes are::

  • Updated textile plugin for PHP 5.3+ compatibility
  • Updated spamblock captcha creation for PHP 5.3+
  • Updated Smarty library
  • Improved .htaccess "deny" method for the Spamblock plugin

You can upgrade as usual by downloading the release files and uploading them to your webspace.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to a bug in the textile plugin, it currently requires PHP 5.3 to operate. Also, loading the list of plugins in environments with PHP < 5.3 can fail. We are working on an update and will release this fix in 1.7.5.

Have fun using Serendipity, and thanks to users who report issues like these to the forums, and of course to our hardworking developers like Yellowled, mattsches, onli and Ian who quickly address these issues (says Garvin, who was on winter vacation *g*).