Serendipity 1.7.5 released

As promised, we just released a minor maintenance release 1.7.5 that addresses a singular bug with the textile plugin preventing some plugin operations, but only on PHP < 5.3 servers. So if you are running a recent PHP version (like you should...) you will be unaffected by this issue and don't need to upgrade.

The only other change to the previous release is that the spamblock plugin will now add required fields to comments (the comment and the comment's author) when installed for the first time.

Have a nice weekend and greetings from our team :)


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Daniel Lange am um :

The Spamblock plugin also writes multiple "Deny From" lines to .htaccess now (if you enable updating the .htaccess file in the plugin configuration). You'll also get a count and update timestamp for easier monitoring:

#IP count: 1070, last update: 2014-01-19 00:34:48

Damon Gutjahr am um :

Thanks for the good job. I am new to this powerful framework but after few tests I already love it. Now I am trying to design my own responsive template for mobile devices and tablets. So I hope this project is future-proof. Please keep up the great work!

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